Chef Z?

Chef Zairilla is a one in a million personality. From her humble Chicago beginnings, she has launched a multi-faceted business centered on her love of the cannabis plant. Her background includes all aspects of vertical integration as well as topical product development and infused foods. It has been her exposure and experience in the field that has propelled her forward in the eyes of her adoring fans from around the world.
She was the featured Chef on ViceLands landmark show, featuring Two Chains and Tommy Chong, in the episode, The Most Expensiveness. Her fans have followed her ever since. She now brings to you a new line of CBD products featuring her exclusive CBD and tea-infused spices. Chef Z has spent years developing these spices to give at-home cooks a similar experience to that which she provides when cooking for the STARS. Her CBD teas and coffee are the perfect way to either jumpstart your days or wind down.
Chef Z has also developed and produced an exciting line of CBD infused topicals and tinctures.
Chef Z and her products have been featured on the tv program Viceland as well as the publications, High Times, Cannabis Culture, Vegas Weekly, Chicago Sun-Times and many more.
She is the 2018 Jack Herer Cup Cannabis Chef of The Year. 

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