Who is Z?

Zairilla Bacon, otherwise known as the “Bacon Bitch”, is quickly becoming one of the biggest celebrity chefs with her food receiving widespread recognition throughout the cannabis community as some of the most delicious and potent cooking in the country.

She comes from Chicago, Illinois, with a family that disapproved of marijuana usage throughout her early adulthood. After successfully running her own catering business, Zaire Lee and Company, she took a leap of faith and moved to Las Vegas, Nevada. It was here that she began her life in the cannabis industry working for a dispensary as a delivery woman.

She began her experimentation with edibles, starting as treats and eventually working with southern style comfort food which would eventually lead her to create a unique brand of exotic cooking ingredients such as cannabutter, cannabis olive oil, cannabis coconut oil, and more.

She began Z Bacon in 2015 as a business that serves high-quality medicated food with dishes that range from bbq to seafood and and everything in between. Her food is known for how much it disguises the taste of THC while promoting flavor and gourmet presentation.

Although her food is meant to take her clients to the next level, she also strives to create a better world for people who need cannabis for medical purposes.
Zairilla lost her grandmother in 1999 and it’s her belief that CBD could have given her more time to live. This has motivated her to promote the medical benefits of edibles to people that need it the most and has prompted her to develop her own CBD line of products.

With a passionate goal and a star-studded clientele list, Chef Zairilla Bacon is on her way to spread deliciously medicated food across the country.

She is the 2018 Jack Herer Cup Cannabis Chef of The Year.

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